The All-Star break is a nice change of pace from the regular season and a chance to have fun with the lighter side of the game.

It’s also a chance to get some of the really hard-hitting news that you miss out on during the season. Stats, Inc. and clipper company Wahl brought the heat with a recent study showing how players with facial hair performed in the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby over the last 10 years compared to their clean-shaven counterparts, according to Yahoo! Sports.

The results showed that players with facial hair have dominated the major offensive categories over the last decade at the All-Star Game. This year, the American League starting lineup features four players with facial hair over the National League’s three, and the last six All-Star Game MVPs had facial hair of some sort.

On the Home Run Derby front, the Red Sox are the team with the most home runs hit by participants with facial hair at 108. David Ortiz, though he decided not to participate in this year’s Home Run Derby, has been the top performer over the last decade. Big Papi has hit 73 total home runs in the Derby, all while sporting some chin fuzz.

Check out the rest of the findings in the infographics below.



Infographics courtesy of Wahl.