LeSean McCoyLeSean McCoy forgives Riley Cooper, but that is as far as the Eagles running back is willing to go.

Cooper apologized profusely to teammates and to the public after a cellphone video was unearthed Wednesday that revealed him using a racial slur at a concert last month. Black teammates like Michael Vick accepted Cooper’s apology, and McCoy joined in offering forgiveness to his contrite teammate. But McCoy admitted his relationship with Cooper has changed.

“I can’t respect a guy like that,” McCoy told NFL.com. What hurts most, McCoy said, is that he is “losing a friend.”

McCoy also wondered if, despite Cooper’s later comments, the video showed Cooper’s true colors. Cooper has a long way to go to redeem himself from this, if he ever can, and as McCoy’s comments show, not all of his teammates may be willing to forgive and forget.

Photo via Facebook/LeSean McCoy