Man Wipes Out Rows of Lawn Chairs, Bloodies Nose Trying to Catch Home Run at Little League World Series (Video)


Home run balls, priceless mementos that they can be, are sometimes worth fighting for. Other times they are not, and a man at this year’s Little League World Series has given a real life example of when it’s perhaps best to let one go.

The man, who was wearing an actual game jersey for one of the — reminder, Little League — teams, put in a bit of hustle when a home run was lofted to center in the sixth inning of the 10-2 game. He barged through the crowd, overrunning several rows of plastic chairs, and fought off all comers to scoop up a ball that fell right over the outfield bushes.

Upon popping up with his souvenir, the man had some blood on his face from the intense activity, which he then took care of cleaning up with a towel as the camera cut back to him a few times.

The clip ends the best way it could, though — before getting too disturbed by the sight of a grown man throwing himself around at a Little League World Series game, consider that the man passed off the ball to a youngster (similarly adorned in team garb). It’s always worth it when you’re doing it for a kid, right?

Check out the ridiculous amount of hustle in the video below, with a hat tip to Yahoo! Sports’ Prep Rally.

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