Sturgis Tunnel of Fire Motorcycle Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong, But Rider Clint Ewing Somehow Survives (Video)


Clint Ewing is lucky to be alive, but after watching video of his latest motorcycle stunt, that probably goes without saying.

The daredevil took to Sturgis on Wednesday night where he was set to attempt an insane stunt. The original plan was for Ewing to drive his dirtbike through quite literally a tunnel of fire.

According to (via Big Lead Sports), Ewing was going to drive his Yamaha bike through a 362.5-foot tunnel of fire. The tunnel, made of chicken wire and cardboard, was to be set on fire before Ewing came barreling through on his bike. He was supposed to drive through, come out the other end and be the world record holder when it was all said and done.

It certainly did not go that way, though.

Ewing is lucky to be alive right now. The daredevil came racing into the tunnel, but after what seemed like an entire minute, didn’t come out. He eventually exited the tunnel, but it was through the side, as he came bursting through the wall of fire about halfway down the tunnel.

Ewing spilled out of the tunnel in a ball of fire, and fire fighters quickly raced to the scene. Miraculously, Ewing survived the wreck, suffering some burns to his hands. That’s miraculous considering that’s better than Frank the Tank could say, even.

Ewing’s bike, however, wasn’t as lucky.


You can watch video of the crazy scene by clicking here, although there is some bad language.

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