Keith Olbermann Takes Shots at ESPN While Tearing Down Over-the-Top Tim Tebow Coverage (Video)


September 4, 2013

Keith Olbermann is not afraid to go after anyone, including his former and now new-again employer.

Olbermann, who left ESPN years ago in a messy divorce, is now back and hosting a nightly talk show titled Olbermann. Say what you want about Olbermann, but he’s been a breath of fresh air for a network that, quite honestly, had become a little stale and a little predictable.

Most notably, ESPN’s over-the-top coverage of Tim Tebow has drawn the ire of many in and around the sports world, yet the Worldwide Leader in Sports continues to beat sports fans over the head with the seemingly innocuous storyline. That’s where Olbermann steps in. In just the first couple of weeks of his return to ESPN, Olbermann has been on what some might see as a “mission to civilize” the sports media. He slammed New York Jets beat writers last week, and now he’s taking some jabs at ESPN.

Olbermann featured a monologue earlier this week going after the ridiculous Tebow coverage that has been led by ESPN and followed along by just about everybody else. It’s clear after watching this, especially starting at the 19-second mark of the video below, where he pretty much encapsulates and then tears down the oversaturation of all things Tebow.

Check it out below.

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