Marcus Vick Insults Fan’s Mother With Profane Tweet While Defending Brother Michael Vick Again (Photo)


Marcus Vick has been encouraged to stay off Twitter, if not to protect himself from making poor choices, then at least to protect his older brother, Michael Vick, from having to deal with extra silliness (or stupidity).

But seeing the Internet attack the elder Vick again during a Thursday night loss was apparently too much for Marcus Vick. After going off the deep end last year in defending Michael Vick after a bad Monday night loss to the Saints, the younger Vick was at it again during the Eagles’ loss to the Chiefs this Thursday.

Marcus Vick didn’t go on a long Twitter rant this time, but his one tweet did plenty. He responded to a fan who called Michael Vick a below-average quarterback by telling that fan his mother was a below-average bad word.

Marcus Vick tweet

Last year’s mess ended with Michael Vick apologizing for his brother’s actions and Marcus Vick then apologizing that he caused his brother all that trouble. More apologies may be around the corner on this one.

Photo via Facebook/Marcus Vick

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