Max Papis Gets Slapped by Woman, Says Jaw Dislocated After Truck Series Race Boils Over (Video)


Maybe this will help the ratings.

The vaunted NASCAR Camping World Truck Series was full of action over the weekend, and it wasn’t just about Chase Elliott, a 17-year-old, becoming the youngest winner in series history.

The race also disintegrated into a bit of a tussle, both on and off the track.

Drivers Max Papis and Mike Skeen collided near the end of the race while gunning for second place, and the gamesmanship soon spilled into the post-race activities. A crew member could be seen reaching into Papis’ truck after the race — but that just got it started.

After giving his post-race comments, Papis was confronted by a woman, who slapped him in the face. And it wasn’t just a little slap — Papis told afterward that the blow dislocated his jaw.

Papis said the woman was Skeen’s girlfriend.

“This crazy lady comes shouting at me, and I had no idea, didn’t even understand her, she just started shouting,” Papis said. “And all the sudden, she took a full hand — and she slapped me so hard. I’m not kidding. My jaw got dislocated and my left ear is still ringing, big time.”

Papis said he didn’t know what to do, because “you don’t hit a lady,” but he let Skeen know what he thought.

“I went to [Skeen] and said, ‘I guess we know who’s the man in the family here, because the guy didn’t even have the [guts] to talk,’ ” he said.

Papis also tweeted similar sentiments after the exchange.

Skeen said Papis then came to his trailer looking for him and pulled his girlfriend down the stairs. Papis said he merely “moved her aside.”

Papis also had thoughts about Skeen’s moves near the end the race, which resulted in the wreck.

“I knew he was going to do something not very [sportsmanlike] because that is what he did before,” he said. “He was starting to bump me around in the wrong corner. … It was just an amateur move.”

Amateur on several fronts here, folks.

Check out the slap in the video below.

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