Super Bowl FootballThe Gronkowski family seems like something straight out of a cartoon, and soon enough they might just be.

Gordy Gronkowski, the patriarch of the family, is pitching a new Gronkowski family animated television series called The Gronks to producers in Hollywood, according to Deadspin. There’s even a hilarious three-minute trailer circulating around with some classic Gronk stories involved.

Some highlights of the video include the five brothers throwing snowballs at passing cars, slamming each others heads off windows, and hilarious stories about Rob Gronkowski sending an inappropriate email to his elementary school teacher and the time he took a Viagra at a Las Vegas pool party.

The Gronkowskis’ managers are currently shopping the animated series, but the eventual plan is to have the entire Gronk clan “sell” the idea in pitch meetings, according to Deadspin.

If the show depicts anything like the summers that Gronk and his brothers have enjoyed the last two offseasons, then it’s sure to be an instant hit.

Watch the full trailer, which contains a fair bit of strong language, here.