Rajon Rondo’s Brother, Will, Has Built Successful Concierge Business Serving Athletes, Entertainers

by NESN Staff

October 9, 2013

Will RondoWill Rondo is not just some freeloader along for the ride with his famous basketball-playing brother.

Rondo, the older brother of Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo, runs a successful concierge service to the rich and famous, and is outlined in a Boston Magazine piece. Rondo’s company, Superior Global Travel & Concierge, has been in business for two years serving athletes and anyone else who needs to get around in style, all over the country.

The article outlines Rondo’s start, which came running errands and odd jobs for Kevin Garnett. Within a short time, he had built up contacts around the country and now services clients from coast the coast. While Rondo has no limousines or other overhead of his own, he acts as a third party to make sure clients are taken care of no matter where they are.

“Taken care of” includes the specific brand of water each client prefers stocked in limos and cupcakes from a favorite bakery kept on hand for when a client visits the city. Some of the most interesting tidbits include the headaches that come with catering to people with more money than most of us could ever imagine.

“What [athletes] don’t realize is the sheer exhaustion that they can cause people because the demands are so high,” Barry Gross, executive director of a Virginia limo service and a friend of Will Rondo, tells Boston Magazine’s Jason Schwartz. “It’s 24/7.”

Still, athletes are far from the biggest prima donnas.

“Athletes are not that bad,” counters Alex Ghorbani, CEO of LAX VIP Limosine Service, which Rondo uses for his clients in Los Angeles. “The movie industry is worse. The people in the music industry are not that bad because they are always high or drunk. … It makes it easier, but it makes the car so filthy.”

Rondo’s biggest conflict seems to come in convincing people he is a true entrepreneur and not a sibling simply riding his brother’s coattails. Clients like the rapper Common and former Celtics center Kendrick Perkins sweat by Rondo, so he must be doing something right.

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