Washington RedskinsSports illustrated’s Peter King still won’t refer to the Washington D.C. football team by their nickname in his stories, but that could change soon enough.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder has been the focus of mass scrutiny recently as the Oneida Nation continues its war against the team’s offensive nickname. It appears that Snyder may be slyly moving toward a name change, though.

Aris Mardirossian, a wealthy patent investor, recently registered a trademark for the name the “Washington Bravehearts,” according to TMZ. The trademark application indicates that Mardirossian plans to use the name for “entertainment in the nature of football games.” Mardirossian and Snyder also just so happen to be neighbors in a Potomac, Md., neighborhood, per the report.

Mardirossian also seems to have registered the domain name “WashingtonBravehearts.com,” according to CBS Sports, raising even more speculation about the potential name change.

There is the off chance that Mardirossian is merely trying to start his own separate entity under the Bravehearts guise, or even that there are plans for an Arena Football League or even United Football League franchise in the works. Although, with the swirling controversy surrounding the Redskins, it certainly raises some intrigue.

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