Andy Reid Bends Over, Booty Bumps Philip Rivers Away From Official in Weird Exchange (GIF)


If Andy Reid played basketball, he’d probably be a damn good rebounder. He even showed off his excellent box-out skills on Sunday.

The Chiefs lost an exciting game to the division rival Chargers on Sunday, during which things got a bit testy between the two teams. Reid even got involved in the action a bit, throwing his weight around — both figuratively and literally.

Late in the Chargers’ 41-38 win, quarterback Philip Rivers took issue with a call made by the officials on the field. He walked over to the sideline to argue with the side judge for a moment, at which time he learned firsthand just how much of an interior presence Reid can be. Reid didn’t like Rivers’ complaining and decided to use his size to his advantage, boxing the quarterback out and even throwing a quick booty bump at him to really keep him away from the officials. The strange maneuver seemed to work, too, as Rivers quickly jumped back, avoiding Reid like the plague.

Check out Reid and Rivers share the strange moment below.

Andy Reid

Credit to @SBNationGif

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