Gayle Benson, Wife of Saints Owner Tom Benson, Returns Writer’s Engagement Ring Left in Press Box


November 4, 2013

Had it not been for Gayle Benson, one New York sportswriter would left MetLife Stadium without one very valuable piece of jewelry.

Kimberly Martin, a Jets beat writer for Newsday, lost her engagement ring during Sunday’s Jets-Saints game when she took it off to wash her hands in the press box restroom. However, Benson, the wife of Saints owner Tom Benson, found the ring and handed it over to stadium security, which was then able to return it to its rightful owner.

“I am so happy she has her ring,” Benson told Newsday. “So happy I saw it on the counter. I suspected it was an engagement ring. Very beautiful.”

“I am so touched that Mrs. Benson found the ring and was able to get it back to me,” Martin said. “You have no idea what it means to me to have it back. I’m incredibly grateful.”

Benson also offered a bit of advice for the writer, saying that taking your ring off to use the sink really isn’t the best idea.

“Many blessings and always keep your ring on,” she said. “Better to get soap on it than lose it.”

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