Manny Pacquiao BoxingManny Pacquiao might not be able to follow through on his promise to donate thousands of dollars to help the typhoon relief effort in his native Philippines, despite the fact that he just won millions after beating Brandon Rios.

The boxer apparently has no access to his money after Philippines revenue authorities recently froze his bank accounts, according to ESPN. The Bureau of Internal Revenue says it has no proof that Pacquiao paid taxes in 2008-09, and as of July, the boxer owed owed 2.2 billion Philippine pesos ($50 million) in back taxes.

In his defense, Pacquiao said that he paid taxes in the United States during that time period, which would make him exempt from also paying taxes in the Philippines.

“I appeal to them to remove the garnishment so that I can move and pay for my staff’s salaries,” Pacquiao told reporters. “I am not a criminal or a thief.”

As of June 2013, Pacman is the highest-paid athlete in the world, with an estimated $52 million in earnings, but the eight-division world champion had to borrow more than 1 million pesos ($22,700) to purchase relief supplies. Pacquiao said he plans to borrow more money to keep his word and provide aid to more than 10,000 families who were victims of Typhoon Haiyan.