Thunder Rookie Steven Adams Shakes His Own Hand After Clippers’ Byron Mullens Ignores Him (Video)


Steven Adams 2At the end of the Thunder’s victory over the Clippers on Thursday night, Oklahoma City rookie forward Steven Adams was forced to shake his own hand after Los Angeles center Byron Mullens left him hanging.

Shaking hands with your opponents at the end of a game is typical in today’s NBA, primarily because many of its players are friends off the court. But for some reason, whether it was the anger of another Clippers loss, or the fact that he’s once again struggled to make an impact off the bench, Mullens snubbed his frontcourt opponent when asked to shake hands.

Some players would have been angry for being left hanging, but credit Adams for having a sense of humor during the incident and shaking his own hand instead.

Adams’ handling of the situation, as well as his impressive energy and production off the bench as a rookie has quickly turned him into a fan favorite in Thunder Nation.

Check out the attempted handshake in the video below, courtesy of @RoyceYoung.

Thumbnail photo via @SBNation

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