Jason KiddEven though it might be the most logical course of action, the Brooklyn Nets aren’t planning a fire sale just yet.

Nets general manager¬†Billy King told reporters in the wake of Brook Lopez‘s season-ending foot injury that the Nets will not be blowing up their roster despite their brief window for championship contention. That means the team allegedly isn’t desperate to trade away 37-year-old Kevin Garnett and 35-year-old Paul Pierce, the latter of whom is only signed through the end of this season. King insisted Brooklyn is not a “seller” at this time, although the trade deadline is still two months away.

“If there’s a deal out there that we feel is going to make us a better team, we’ll do it regardless of tax or the future, but we’re not going to panic and do a move just to make a move because we feel we have to,” King told ESPN.com. “I still believe in this group. Brook’s a big part of it, but we do have other guys. That’s why we have depth.”

Lopez was one of the few members of the team not having a subpar season. He led the Nets with 20.7 points and 1.8 blocks per game while shooting a career-best 56 percent from the field. He was also on pace for a career-high 25.7 player efficiency rating.

He re-broke his right foot in Friday’s game against the Sixers, injuring the same foot that kept him out of all but five games of the 2011-12 season.