DolphinsThere are only three weeks remaining, but only three teams have clinched NFL playoff spots. Or to put it another way, business is about to pick up.

Week 15 is upon us, and there’s obviously still plenty to play for in the NFL. There are still nine playoff spots to be sorted out, and there’s a chance a lot of those spots start to get filled this week.

There are no playoff spots at stake for the NFL picks column, but there’s still plenty of face to be saved. editors John Beattie and Mike Cole are coming off a week in which they combined to go 21-11 while picking games against the spread. They’re trying to make last-ditch efforts to get to .500, and only three games separate the two.

See their picks below.

All lines are from Bovada as of Thursday. If lines are off on Bovada Thursday, Yahoo! lines will be used for those games.

Chargers at BRONCOS (-10 1/2)

John: Chargers

Mike: Chargers

Why: Peyton has been being awesomely Peyton this week but let’s see what P-Rivz can do with 10-plus points on his side. -JB

Redskins at FALCONS (-6 1/2 on Yahoo)

John: Redskins

Mike: Redskins

Why: This is probably going to be an awful football game. Like, really awful. That being said, I have to take Washington because I’ve made a pledge not to take Atlanta or Houston the rest of the season, and I’m a man of my word if nothing else. -MC

49ers at BUCCANEERS (+5 1/2)

John: 49ers

Mike: 49ers

Why: I’m all for the Bucs’ recent string of success but this line is a little low as the Niners put up some big numbers against bad teams on the road this year. -JB

Seahawks at GIANTS (+7)

John: Giants

Mike: Seahawks

Why: Blowout city. -MC

Bears at BROWNS (-1)

John: Bears

Mike: Bears

Why: Da Bears? Browns might be down and out after last week’s debacle. -JB

Texans at COLTS (-6)

John: Texans

Mike: Colts

Why: The Texans have lost 11 football games in a row, and Wade Phillips is supposed to help them break that streak of losing football games? As the kids would say, “LOL.” -MC

Bills at JAGUARS (+2)

John: Jaguars

Mike: Jaguars

Why: This is the Jags’ world. We’re just living in it.-JB

Patriots at DOLPHINS (+3)

John: Patriots

Mike: Patriots

Why: Sure, the Patriots have made slow starts a pretty nasty habit as of late, but the Dolphins are still the Dolphins. The Rob Gronkowski injury will obviously hurt the Pats at some point, but I don’t think it will be this week. -MC

Eagles at VIKINGS (+5)

John: Eagles

Mike: Eagles

Why: This will be a pretty good test for the Eagles as the Vikings are 3-3 at home (and 10-4 in their last 14) but Foles’ Eagles are covering spreads lately and winning road games.-JB

Jets at PANTHERS (-11)

John: Panthers

Mike: Panthers

Why: Don’t love the spread, but I feel better about it after realizing the Panthers are 5-1 against the spread at home and the Jets are 2-4 ATS on the road. It doesn’t take a lot to make me feel better about things, apparently. -MC

Chiefs at RAIDERS (+5)

John: Chiefs

Mike: Chiefs

Why: Five points isn’t enough for the Raiders.-JB

Cardinals at TITANS (+3)

John: Titans

Mike: Cardinals

Why: I’m irrationally high on the Cardinals. No idea why. #HotTake -MC

Saints at RAMS (+6)

John: Rams

Mike: Saints

Why: Not really sure why, but this number looks a little too juicy to pass up.-JB

Packers at COWBOYS (OFF)

John: Cowboys

Mike: Packers

Why: Aaron Rodgers plays and the Packers win this one going away. -MC

Bengals at STEELERS (+3)

John: Steelers

Mike: Bengals

Why: Steelers might have some bite left in ’em. Here’s my “pick them cause they’re home dawgs” pick of the week.-JB

Ravens at LIONS (-6)

John: Lions

Mike: Ravens

Why: I’m just not ready to admit we live in a world where the Detroit Lions could win the division. No sir. -MC

Last week:

JB: 11-5

MC: 10-6


MC: 92-108-7

JB: 89-111-7