Cleveland Browns fans have been known to pile on.

If they’re not calling the organization’s leaders the Three Stooges, they’re suggesting head-coaching candidates — and they really can’t be blamed, considering their team has posted just two winning seasons and is a cumulative 77-163 since its new lease on life in 1999. (Yes, that record failed to include the preceding decades, when the other Cleveland Browns were their own sign of futility.)

But when three 10-year-old girls put together a foolproof assessment of the team’s struggles and plans to fix the franchise, perhaps Browns management should know it’s time to listen.

The 10-year-olds made a video (via USA Today) in which they did a solid job breaking down what’s wrong (with a nice current-events nod to President Barack Obama’s healthcare woes) and what has to happen to right the ship (they give the audience some time to let “win games” sink in). Then they offered a name that a lot of local residents can get behind: former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel.

Tressel coached the Buckeyes from 2001 until his downfall amid scandal in 2011, meaning all these 10-year-olds have known in their lifetime is one very winning coach. Tressel went 106-22 at Ohio State, including seven first-place finishes in the Big Ten, six conference titles and three BCS national championship appearances, including the 2002 title. He also defeated several coaches who now are leading NFL teams.

That’s enough for these Browns fans. See what they had to say in the video below.