Mark Sanchez wrote a goodbye letter to New York Jets fans following his Friday release from the team.

“Playing quarterback for the New York Jets has been the thrill of my career,” Sanchez wrote. “There were some tough times but mostly good times, and in the end I know I gave you and the Jets everything I had to win the Lombardi Trophy.”

The Jets drafted Sanchez in the first round in 2009 and signed him to the largest contract in franchise history. Upon Sanchez’s release, the organization signed veteran quarterback Michael Vick to a one-year contract.

Although Sanchez is currently without a team, the St. Louis Rams have expressed interest in bringing him on board as a backup quarterback. The 27-year-old said he is grateful for the opportunities the Jets gave him over the past five seasons.

“I love you guys and I’ll miss the good times we shared,” Sanchez wrote.

Check out Sanchez’s full farewell note in the photo below.

Sanchez farewell

Photo via Whosay/MarkSanchez