Ohio State Athletic Director Gets $18K Bonus For Wrestler’s NCAA Title


OhioStateOhio State wrestler Logan Stieber won the NCAA championship on Saturday for a school-record third national title, but he wasn’t able to benefit financially from the remarkable accomplishment.

Instead, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith was rewarded with a bonus exceeding $18,000 for Stieber’s victory, per the Associated Press.

“Smith signed a new contract this year that pays him a bonus for “exceptional athletic achievements,” including Final Four and Bowl Championship Series appearances or titles won by individuals in any of 20 sports,” according to the AP’s report.

This story, which illustrates a lot of what’s wrong with college sports, likely will add fuel to the “student-athletes should be paid” argument that seems to have gained some steam over the last few years.

Allowing an athletic director to benefit from a victory he had no part in earning makes absolutely no sense, especially when the bonus came from an event in a non-revenue sport such as wrestling.

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