When UConn upset Kentucky 60-54 to win the NCAA men’s basketball tournament Monday night, Wildcats fans were reasonably, well, upset. But just as celebrations got out of hand at UConn, things in Lexington, Ky., got wild as well.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reported the damage Tuesday morning as “19 couch fires, several small trash fires, 31 arrests, (and) 23 injuries, mostly minor.” Police in riot gear had to control the crowds in the State Street neighborhood of Kentucky’s campus with pepper spray.

There also was a report of a house fire that Lexington fire officials confirmed was “intentionally set” and possibly connected to the partying. Luckily, the house was vacant and the fire was extinguished quickly.

Lexington police chief Ronnie Bastin told the Herald-Leader that he believed crowd control was successful overall and thanked the students who did not celebrate.

“Over the past few weeks, the majority of fans cheered, celebrated and lived up to their reputation as the best fans in college basketball,” Bastin said. “We appreciate everyone who obeyed the law, celebrated responsibly, and reported dangerous and illegal behavior. Our jobs were made easier because of you.”

Check out photos and video of the madness below.

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