Jordan Cameron Changes Twitter Bio To Avoid Jimmy Graham-Like Mistake (Photo)


Jordan CameronThe bio section of Twitter may seem like a throwaway information field, but it helped cost one of the NFL’s most dynamic players $5 million this week. A fellow Pro Bowler decided he wasn’t going to let the same thing happen to him.

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham was given the franchise tag, and a dispute ensued with Graham insisting he should be tagged as a wide receiver — not a tight end — because of his pass-catching abilities. The two sides took it to an arbitrator, and it was ruled that Graham would indeed be franchised as a tight end, a decision that cost him $5 million.

Part of the reason the arbitrator ruled in the Saints’ favor was that Graham listed himself as a tight end on his Twitter bio.

Cleveland’s Jordan Cameron had a breakout season last year and is now considered a dangerous offensive weapon. His listed position? Tight end, of course.

So with all of the Graham news swirling, Cameron stealthily tried to change his Twitter bio to “Pro Bowl pass catcher.”

Jordan Cameron

It didn’t take long for the Internet to catch on to the alteration. ESPN’s Darren Rovell was tipped off to the change by a Twitter follower and quickly exposed Cameron’s work.

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Hopefully it doesn’t cost him $5 million somewhere down the road.

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