Shabazz Napier On LeBron Unfollowing: ‘I Don’t Know How To Work Twitter Yet’


shabazz napierThe “news” broke Monday that Miami Heat rookie Shabazz Napier had paid LeBron James the ultimate disrespect of unfollowing him on Twitter after the James chose to return to Cleveland.

Napier had two responses when asked about this the following day: One, that he’s a Twitter newbie who doesn’t yet know the ins and outs of the social media service, and two, who cares?

“The whole thing about that is I don’t know how to work Twitter yet and I’m not on my Twitter,” Napier said, via, “so I don’t know where that came from.

“I don’t pay attention to it. It gets brought to me by family members, but I don’t pay any attention to it. I just think it’s how it is. Media wants something to bite on.”

Napier’s explanation sounds similar to the “I got hacked” defense that athletes often use whenever an unsavory tweet, Instagram photo, etc. pops up on one of their accounts, but we’re going to take the UConn product’s word on this one. He’s been on Twitter for less than a month, after all, and has sent a grand total of five tweets during that time span.

Photo via Twitter/@GaryDzen

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