Eastern Michigan’s Sledgehammers-To-Cinder Blocks Entrance Was Odd (Video)


The Eastern Michigan football team was pretty fired up for its season opener against Morgan State on Saturday.

So naturally, their players decided to take sledgehammers to a cinder-block wall before they came onto the field.

Unfortunately for them, cinder-block walls are very hard, and knocking them down requires a little work. Scratch that — a lot of work.


In one of the most bizarre player entrances we’ve seen, the Eagles spent a good 15 seconds hammering away at the concrete before finally breaking it down enough to just push it over.

After all that work, the players proceeded to just walk around the 5-foot-wide wall and stare at the helpless pile of rubble as they passed.

Whatever the reason behind the strange entrance, it worked. Inspired by their exciting foray into the construction business, the Eagles went on to win 31-28.

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