Fantasy Football-Crazy Workers Cost Employers Estimated $13.4 Billion


Fantasy FootballDo you spend time at work managing your fantasy football team? You’re not alone, but you might have something to do with the lack of work productivity across the United States this fall.

According to a study conducted by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a global employment consulting firm, workers who play fantasy football probably spend at least two hours during work hours managing their teams.

That translates to $13.4 billion in lost production nationwide, the study says.

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John A. Challenger, CEO of Challenger, Gray & Christmas said the study wasn’t an attack on fantasy football.

“We are not trying to demonize fantasy football,” Challenger said. “It is important to understand that there are more distractions than ever in today’s workplace. If it’s not fantasy football, it’s the latest Hollywood gossip, shopping on Amazon, or checking Facebook.”

Challenger also acknowledged the good things that fantasy football can do for a company.

“Companies that not only allow workers to enjoy fantasy football, but actually encourage it by organizing a company leagues, are likely to see significant benefits in morale, which, in turn leads to an overall boost in productivity as well as employee retention,” Challenger said.

Breaking it down, the study concludes that companies lose almost $900 million per week if employees spend a conservative two hours managing their fantasy football rosters. During a 15-week fantasy football season, that cost soars over $13 billion total.

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