Bears Deny Reports Of Tension Between Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall


USATSI_6642830 (1)One thing almost nobody disputes: The Chicago Bears’ locker room got rowdy after the team suffered a 27-14 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

But the extent of the ruckus — and whether it’s an indication of deeper problems within the team — is being disputed by the Bears themselves.

Brandon Marshall reportedly blamed the loss on quarterback Jay Cutler, leading to rumors of a rift between the two Pro Bowlers. Bears head coach Marc Trestman disputed those reports, though he claimed that he didn’t hear everything that was said.

“What I understood happened after the game was players expressing themselves in different ways, at their disappointment in the loss,” Trestman said, via “I’ll leave it at that. That’s really ultimately what happened, and I don’t think it’s anything more than that. In my experience, people get it out of their system. I’ve heard players express themselves dramatically in wins, too, that they were angry we didn’t win the right way or that we weren’t as good as we can be. It goes both ways. I’m not reading any more into it than that.”

Trestman also said that he did not believe there was tension between Marshall and Cutler, claiming their relationship was one of “brotherly love.”

Offensive guard Kyle Long, who supposedly “ripped the fans” during the chaos, told ESPN 1000 that he does not believe the Bears have an issue in the locker room.

“We’re grown-ups; if we have issues with one another we can talk to one another,” Long said. “That’s just how it goes.”

Photo via Jake Roth/USA TODAY Sports Images

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