Derek Jeter took fans behind the scenes in his latest blog post.

Jeter, whose farewell tour was well-documented, posted an article to The Players’ Tribune on Wednesday in which the former (sounds weird, right?) New York Yankees shortstop chronicled cleaning out his Yankee Stadium locker. Several photos, along with commentary, also were included in the post.

Jeter packed up his locker Oct. 3, according to a video published on The Players’ Tribune’s YouTube page. The longtime Yankees captain described cleaning out his locker as “harder than I thought,” saying he had never done it before. Even when the Yankees moved into the new Yankee Stadium before the 2009 season, Jeter and others had everything packed up for them.

The two bats Jeter used for his last hits at Yankee Stadium and his last hit at Fenway Park were among the items he wanted to bring home. Jeter also wanted the bases the Boston Red Sox gave him from his final game.

Jeter, of course, retired this season after a 20-year career in pinstripes.

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