Lions’ DeAndre Levy Stands On Top Of Moving Plane, Is Insane (Photos)

Cliff diving was so two days ago.

If you’ll recall, quarterback Tom Brady gave New England Patriots fans a minor heart attack this weekend by taking a rather dangerous plunge off a rock cliff in Costa Rica.

Apparently DeAndre Levy got wind of the QB’s bold exploits, because the Detroit Lions linebacker on Sunday posted a couple Instagram photos that made Brady look like he was stepping into a kiddie pool.

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I life...forever.

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Yes you do, DeAndre. Yes you do.

Of course, we’re guessing Levy’s coaches weren’t too thrilled to see their starting linebacker standing upside-down on a small plane flying over the ocean. Especially when the 28-year-old is coming off a career-best campaign in 2014 in which he was named a second-team All-Pro.

On the bright side, at least he didn’t go sledding down an active volcano like he did last offseason. Seriously, this guy might have the craziest Instagram account ever.

That time I went boarding down a volcano. Picture perfect wipeouts. #cerronegro #bigfoothostel

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