Kevin GarnettThe first thing most fans notice when they see Kevin Garnett play basketball is his passion.

While most people just watch and admire, for Muideen Ogunmola, witnessing KG in action as a Boston Celtic at TD Garden was life-changing.

Check out a sampling of Block Nation’s work >>

The Boston-based artist known as “Block Nation” was inspired to recreate Garnett’s intensity in an aggressive illustration that would become his signature style.

“Everything’s built on Garnett,” Ogunmola said in an interview with “That’s probably why I love him so much, because he started it. It put me on a whole different path.”

Since then, Ogunmola has expanded his subjects to other players like Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal, non-basketball athletes like Derek Jeter and Tom Brady, and even comic book heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman. His work has appeared on Grantland, and in numerous publications, and all of it can be viewed on his website, Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram account.

Check out a sampling of Block Nation’s work >>

Thumbnail image via Block Nation