Everyone knows getting a baseball at a major league game can make a kid’s day. Unless, of course, that kid gets dropped over a railing in the process.

That’s almost what happened to the poor daughter of one particularly enthusiastic Los Angeles Angels fan Monday night.

It all started when Angels slugger Albert Pujols launched a homer off Chicago White Sox pitcher Carlos Rodon in the second inning. The ball bounced just in front of the railing in left-center field and, sensing opportunity, the intrepid father bent well over the fence in a heroic effort to snag the ball for her daughter.

The only problem: His daughter was holding onto his arm for dear life.

The move pretty much was a fail on every level. Not only did the dad nearly send his terrified daughter tumbling onto the grass, he also didn’t even get the baseball, as a stadium usher came over and calmly chucked the souvenir in the opposite direction.

The dad later was rewarded with a baseball from some sympathetic folks in the broadcast booth, and the Angels went on to win 2-1. Still, let the record show that we don’t approve of dumping daughters over railings to obtain baseballs.