The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has some pretty strict rules when it comes to vanity license plates.

Many of the rules make sense, like the ones preventing obscenities or other offensive language on a person’s license plate. But did you know that you can’t have any spaces, plates must start with two letters and the first number in your custom plate can’t be a zero?

Unfortunately, some of those rules hurt sports fans. Here are a few of the rejections.

Bo Sox“BO SOX” stands for Boston Red Sox but would be rejected because of the space as the third character.

Bird 03This one gets rejected because the first number is a zero. Maybe this Celtics fan needs a reminder that Larry Bird wore No. 33. If the plate were “BIRD33,” it likely would be accepted.

RSOX04Sorry, Red Sox fans. That incredible 2004 World Series championship doesn’t mean much to the RMV.’s Ashley Allen found a pretty cool vanity license plate at Gillette Stadium during New England Patriots training camp last week.

Ashley Allen

It’s a good thing that Patriots fan is from Pennsylvania, as having “12” at the beginning of a plate in Massachusetts would have been rejected.

h/t WCVB