Dejan Lovren has promised the best is yet to come from Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp, insisting time at Melwood is key to making incremental improvements as the season progresses.

“We have only been working with him a short time, barely two months, and we have already had some good results with him,” Lovren told the latest edition of the official Liverpool FC magazine. “With time it will be better. With his methods and his way of working, I don’t see how it cannot be better.

“We will know him more and he will know us more and he will also have a better understanding of the league and the club.

“He knows the expectations at Liverpool. Everyone knows it is a tough job, but we are here to do that job.”

Liverpool have developed a knack for comebacks since Klopp took charge, overturning an early deficit to win three games under his guidance.

That change of mentality is one of the factors Lovren believes will be key to the team’s evolution with their new manager.

“He certainly has strong ideas, and we have noticed a difference,” Lovren added. “Each manager has a different way of training and his own thoughts on how he wants us to play. I believe we have adapted very quickly as a squad.

“We are definitely working hard on the training ground but now it is all about the mentality. I think the English and the Germans are different in this aspect.

“It is a big thing to change, but I think the stats and so on show that we have been doing okay with Jürgen so far.”

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Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@SportsJOEdotie