The Baltimore Ravens might want to rethink their digital and social media game at some point.

Our story starts with a long-standing tradition of rookies paying for exorbitant dinner tabs. It’s nothing new, and it’s probably not going away, but there are plenty of teams who go out to dinner at some point before or during the season and — surprise! — saddle the rookies with the bill. Dinner is almost always at a really, really nice (read: expensive) restaurant.

Which brings us to Ravens rookie defensive tackle Carl Davis, the catalyst for this story. Davis raised some eyebrows on the ol’ Internet when he tweeted the bottom line of a receipt from some restaurant, presumably in the Baltimore/DMV area.

The price of the meal, you’ll see, is more than $11,000, and that’s before a suggested tip. Woof.

It’s unclear whether Davis, who was a third-round pick and reportedly makes just north of $738,000 per season, paid for the entire meal.

The story gets better, though. It’s unlikely the Ravens veterans, especially the guy who ordered a ridiculously priced $102 ribeye, really wanted this story to get out. In today’s day and age, hazing isn’t taken lightly, even if it’s a bunch of rich dudes going out for dinner and laying the tab on the rookies.

But what makes this incredible is that the Ravens actually promoted this story on their website with a story and a tweet on the team’s Twitter account.

“The rookies got saddled with quite the bill at team dinner,” the tweet read, per The Big Lead.

The tweet and story have since been deleted.

Again, it’s not a real big deal, especially if the tab was split among the rookies. But it’s not the greatest look for the Ravens to actually be promoting this kind of stuff, especially when it was the Ravens who came under serious fire for how they presented the Ray Rice saga in the digital space.