Eight Boston College Basketball Players Contract E. Coli; Chipotle Blamed

Eight Boston College men’s basketball players have contracted E. coli after eating at a local Chipotle restaurant, according to SB Nation’s BC Interruption blog, which cited an Eagles coach for the information.

BC reportedly sent a school-wide email warning students of an outbreak after numerous others apparently contracted E. coli from eating at the Chipotle in Cleveland Circle, a relatively short distance from campus. A previous email had been sent to several athletes with a similar message, according to BC blogger Michael Sullivan.

The chain restaurant has been under fire for weeks after an E. Coli outbreak in Oregon and Washington. Apparently, the company’s problems have spread eastward.

The eight players’ status for Wednesday night’s game versus No. 15 Providence still is in question, according to BC Interruption.

UPDATE (6:55 p.m. ET): BC confirmed the illnesses in a statement to The Boston Herald, which also received this response from a worker at the Chipotle in question: “We are closed for issues beyond our control and we are trying to deal with it appropriately.”

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@leahysean

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