Peyton Manning’s 10 Best Commercials Include Nationwide, DirecTV Ads (Videos)


Manning_400New Englanders might have differing opinions on Peyton Manning’s on-the-field performance, but everybody can agree on one thing: He’s a funny dude.

The Denver Broncos quarterback is preparing for what likely will be the last Super Bowl of his illustrious career. Plenty of articles will be written in honor of the various accolades Manning has next to his name, but we wanted to pay homage to his off-the-field gifts.

The sheer number of quotable commercials — we’re looking at you, “cut that meat” — that he has starred in justifies his funniness, as his on-camera resume spans over a decade.

Treat yourself and see where your favorite Manning commercial lands in the countdown.

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Thumbnail photo via YouTube/SprintNextelFan

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