This Canadian Olympic Swimmer Flips Off His Father Before Every Race


August 5, 2016

Nothing says “I love you” like a single-digit salute.

You might notice at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro that Canadian swimmer Santo Condorelli has quite the pre-race ritual. Condorelli gives his father the middle finger before every race, something that dates back to when he was a frustrated 8-year-old getting beat by older swimmers.

“(My father said) ‘You’ve got to build your confidence yourself and say eff everybody else that you’re racing,’ ” Santo recently explained, according to CBC. “He said ‘Every time you’re behind the blocks, give me the finger and I’ll give it back to you.’ ”

Condorelli has been forced to dial back his pre-race gesture, which is understandable given its questionable nature. He still somehow manages to flip off his dad before every race, though, so one can expect to see fingers flying when the 21-year-old competes in the freestyle relay, the 100-meter freestyle and the 50-meter freestyle in Rio.

“Athletes always have that one thing that gets them going that they need to do,” Condorelli said, per CBC. “That happens to be mine and still is. Seeing everybody’s reaction to it has been interesting.

“I’m not trying to piss people off. I just put it in the middle of my forehead now. My dad is definitely giving it to me and I can see him from a mile away.”

Can’t you just feel the love?

Thumbnail photo via Rob Schumacher/USA TODAY Sports Images

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