A few Brazilian soccer fans seemingly confused the term “futbol” this weekend.

Brazil’s national soccer team held an open practice Sunday in Manaus, and 15,000 people attended, according to the Mirror. The players were prepping for Wednesday’s huge World Cup qualifying match against Colombia when two fans invaded the pitch in search of Brazil’s star player, Neymar.

The scene was both humorous and a bit scary, as a second invader evaded several members of security before running to hug Neymar with his cohort, simultaneously group tackling the 24-year-old to the ground in the process.

Neymar already was Brazil’s most beloved athlete, but then he scored the game-winning goal in the Olympic gold medal game to give his country its first Olympic soccer gold ever.

Upon closer review, you can even see several fans already being escorted off the pitch when the two “successful” ones finally reach their idol.

On the bright side, we guess it’s a good thing the fans only wanted to give the superstar a hug and that everyone seemingly was OK.

Thumbnail photo via Mirror video screenshot