Like most New England Patriots fans, Ben Affleck couldn’t believe the Patriots lost to the (bleeping) Buffalo Bills.

The Hollywood superstar apparently had a press junket for his new movie “The Accountant” on Sunday, so he wasn’t able to plop himself in front of the TV and watch the Patriots.

So Affleck — who grew up near Boston and is an avid Patriots fan — leaned on technology and the help of others to follow the game. As he got ready to do an interview with Sports Illustrated, he asked for an update. With the Patriots trailing 16-0 in the fourth quarter, ignorance might have been bliss in this instance.

Affleck’s reaction, however, was classic.

Affleck, you might recall, is no stranger to passionate, expletive-laden rants about his favorite team. He made news in June when he went on Bill Simmons’ new HBO show and lobbed F-bombs left and right in a rant for the ages about Deflategate.

The Patriots are going to cost Affleck a pretty penny in any and all swear jars, but we do appreciate the passion. And look on the bright side, Ben. Tom Brady is coming back this week, and you’ve got that guys’ night to look forward to with the Patriots quarterback. Could be worse.