Joe Flacco and Tom Brady will share the field Monday night at Gillette Stadium as the New England Patriots host the Baltimore Ravens. But did you know they once shared a room?

Well, kind of … OK, not really.

But Flacco apparently used to sleep in a room at his parents’ house that had Brady posters on the wall.

The Ravens quarterback moved back home into his parents’ house in New Jersey during his first two offseasons in the NFL in 2008 and 2009. He shared a room with one of his younger brothers, and sure enough, the Patriots quarterback was among those featured on the wall.

“It’s got magazine cutouts, posters of a lot of people,” Flacco said this week, per the Ravens’ official website. “Tom was one of them.

“He might have made those (posters), I think that was probably back in like 2000. I was probably a freshman or sophomore (in high school). He was in junior high when he probably started doing all that. That room still looks identical to the way it did 16 years ago.”

One could argue that an NFL quarterback moving back home is surprising in and of itself. He apparently stayed there for just a couple of months each offseason, though, which actually is a financially reasonable move for a player just starting out his professional career.

“You can call it living with my parents. I guess it’s kind of what it was,” Flacco said. “What was I going to do? Buy a place back there? Not for a month.”

As for why Flacco or his family didn’t take down the Brady posters in favor of something else, well, we’re not sure the logic there, but it’s funny, nevertheless.

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