Outside of Dale Earnhardt Jr., there might be no NASCAR driver more marketable as Danica Patrick. She has the most diverse fan base in the sport, drawing interest from both racing and non-racing fans alike.

But there are questions about her team’s primary sponsorship in 2017, after she appeared Monday at a NASCAR media event without the Nature’s Bakery logo her No. 10 sported for much of 2016. One might assume many brands would jump at the chance to sponsor the Stewart-Haas Racing driver, who has built a reputation of leading an active and healthy lifestyle off the track.

But for now, she’s in sponsorship limbo.

With that said, we decided to have some fun and compile a (somewhat) serious list of the best possible sponsors for Patrick, should she enter the market.

Home Shopping Network

Patrick’s clothing line, called Warrior by Danica Patrick, is available exclusively through Home Shopping Network. Plus, given that HSN is valued at more than $1 billion on Google Finance, it seems like a perfect match. She wouldn’t even need to change her light-blue color scheme to fit the HSN logo.

Nature Valley

Crunchy oats for crunchy folks, right? Danica loves her health food, and she loves it gluten free. Not only does Nature Valley have plenty of gluten-free snacks, but the brand is owned by General Mills, which, in theory, would make it more financially stable than the privately-owned Nature’s Bakery.


People can’t seem to make up their minds on CrossFit, the increasingly popular fitness program. But Danica has. In an interview with Yahoo!, the SHS driver revealed she’d converted her barn into a CrossFit gym. Another option is Reebok, which produces an extensive line of CrossFit apparel and could be looking to get into a new sport now that its NHL jersey deal is set to expire.


Danica always is posting Instagram pictures of her and boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. traveling the world, so why not drown out that annoying “Dot Commmmm” jingle with the sound of an Expedia-adorned No. 10 engine?

Naked Juice

There are plenty of health drinks that would make sense for a Danica sponsorship, but Naked Juice is owned by Pepsi, which gives it strong financial support.


Gaiam is one of the world’s top suppliers of yoga products, and Danica sure does love her yoga. Plus, she even could substitute her car’s traditional floor mats for relaxing, comfy yoga mats.


Similar products, like the Magic Bullet, could make sense here, but honestly the NutriBullets look much cooler. Plus, nicknaming her car “The Bullet” could catch on in a hurry.

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Thumbnail photo via Jerome Miron/USA TODAY Sports