It’s not true Super Bowl smack talk until the animal hospitals get involved.

The New England Patriots’ Super Bowl LI matchup against the Atlanta Falcons isn’t until Feb. 5, so the interim has been filled with the usual chatter between cities facing off in a championship event. So far, we’ve┬áhad hot takes from columnists, bold tattoo choices and even a beer ban.

But Case Veterinary Animal Hospital in Savannah, Ga., raised the bar this week, updating its billboard with a not-so-subtle Deflategate joke.

Even if you’re pro-Patriots and anti-Deflategate, you have to admit that’s a pretty solid pun.

According to WTGS News in Savannah, the hospital’s owner, Dr. Carla Case McCorvey, wanted the sign taken down after she saw it go up Monday. But her employees convinced her to leave it, and the local reaction to the clever sign has been pretty positive. (Shocking, we know.)

Your move, animal hospitals of Greater Boston.

H/t to Busted Coverage

Thumbnail photo via Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports Images