While the New England Patriots were completing the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history against the Atlanta Falcons. there was a whole different battle going on in between television timeouts.

Let’s take a look at the winners, losers and other noteworthy commercials from Super Bowl LI.

The Best
Bai: Whenever you can combine Christopher Walken dramatically reading the lyrics to an NSYNC song, that’s a win.

T-Mobile: They had Justin Beiber as a celebration expert with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, and spoofed “50 Shades of Grey” with Kristen Schaal.

Avocados From Mexico: An Illuminati spoof that also took a shot at Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown and his Facebook Live use gave us our first laugh of the Super Bowl.

Kia: Melissa McCarthy trying to save the planet? Enough said.

The Worst
GoDaddy: Normally a stalwart of Super Bowl commercial greatness, this one was a complete whiff.

Sprint: It’s safe to say that a father faking his own death to get out of a cell phone bill wasn’t the most humorous entrant on the night.

Wendy’s: Telling customers your meat is fresh while staring at a meat locker full of frozen patties might not have been the best way to sell that.

The Serious
AirBNB: The homestay network subtweeted President Donald Trump when they proclaimed “We all belong.” That’s something that we can all get behind.

Audi: This intense ad drove home a message for equal pay and progress.

The Odd
Skittles: We still don’t know why there’s a beaver at the end of this commercial.

We can’t wait for next year’s batch.

Thumbnail photo via Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images