Alan Ruschel miraculously survived a tragic plane crash in November. He’s now attempting something that ultimately could be more astonishing.

Ruschel is working hard to return to the soccer field, just a few months after the Chapecoense plane crash killed dozens of his teammates and coaches. The 27-year-old defender used Instagram on Wednesday to share a video of one of his strenuous workouts.

“Thank you my God for one more day and one more step in the recovery,” he said in the caption. “Balanced force, we move on.”

Chapecoense has resumed play this year, following the deadly Nov. 29 plane crash, which killed 71.

Ruschel, one of just six survivors of the fatal flight, is determined to resume his career.

And the world is rooting for him to achieve one of the most sensational goals in soccer history.

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