Smart Watches Might Just Save Your Life If You’re Involved In Car Wreck

When a car accident happens in a heavily populated area, there’s a decent chance someone will be around to call for help, if the people involved in the wreck are unable to do so. But if, say, you’re stranded, can’t reach your phone and your car is flipped on its side, you might be in some trouble.

Enter: Apple Watch.

Casey Bennett, a 22-year-old University of Maryland student, was involved in an accident in Maryland on April 6 that left him hanging from the driver’s seat in his flipped-over vehicle, according to Men’s Health. Unable to reach his phone to call for help, Bennett needed get resourceful.

“I remembered my watch,” Bennett told Men’s Health.

“I think I would’ve really been freaking out had I not had the SOS feature,” Bennett said. “My car was on its side, and my phone was on the dashboard of the car, which is now on the ground. There’s no way I would’ve been able to reach my phone to call for help.”

By using his watch’s Emergency SOS Feature, Bennett reportedly spoke with 911 until first-responders arrived at the scene. Although his car was totaled, he managed to survive without sustaining any long-term injuries.

While we’re not sure this story alone is enough to convince us to buy Apple Watches, it does prove that type of device, which many have dismissed as a gimmick, does have some practical uses.

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