Are the San Antonio Spurs now fighting dirt with dirt?

Many are wondering just that after LaMarcus Aldridge appeared to try to injure Kevin Durant on Tuesday during Game 2 of the Western Conference finals series between the Spurs and Golden State Warriors. Late in the second quarter, Aldridge seemingly stepped into Durant’s shooting space.

Aldridge’s effort evoked memories of Game 1 when Warriors center Zaza Pachulia injured Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard on a similarly dirty play. Leonard left Game 1 and sat out Game 2 due to an ankle injury Pachulia’s foul caused.

Prosecutors might speculate Aldridge had motive to target Durant. Perhaps he was trying to spark a furious comeback, as was the case in Game 1 when the Warriors¬†outscored the Spurs by 25 points after Leonard’s injury. But for what it’s worth, Durant doesn’t believe Aldridge’s actions carried any malicious intent.

No matter what Aldridge was trying to do, it didn’t work, as Golden State defeated San Antonio 136-100.

Thumbnail photo via Kelley L Cox/USA TODAY Sports Images