American Airlines Loses Golfer’s Bag, Costs Him Chance At U.S. Open Spot


When people fly for business, they often carry on their work bag so there’s no chance of it getting lost among a sea of baggage. But that’s not so easy when you’re a professional golfer and your bag is full of clubs.

Golfer Michael Buttacavoli was set to compete in a qualifier for the United States Open Championship on Monday, but was forced to withdraw because his clubs were lost on his American Airlines flight, according to Yahoo!.

The sectional was Buttacavoli’s last opportunity to qualify for this year’s U.S. Open, so he quickly took to Twitter to express his frustration.

American, to its credit, at least tried to do what it could to help him from the other end of a computer.

After Buttacavoli made it clear he wasn’t going to be satisfied with an insincere public apology via Twitter, American should’ve continued the conversation through private messages. It instead specified that it was sincerely sorry, but Buttacavoli had his doubts.

One would assume American would’ve learned how to respond to backlash on social media given that United Airlines recently was called out for exactly that. But whether somebody gets dragged off a plane or a golfer’s career gets damaged, airlines seemingly will never understand when a situation is too serious to solely issue generic responses.

H/t: For The Win

Thumbnail photo via American Airlines

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