Knucklehead NASCAR Fan Climbs Catch Fence At Dover, Earns Court Date


Sometimes, the search for the best seat in the house can earn you a seat in jail.

At least, that’s what happened Sunday to one particularly boneheaded NASCAR fan.

John Infanti, a 43-year-old Greenwood, Del., native, was arrested after ascending the Turn 4 catch fence during the AAA 400 Driver for Autism at Dover International Speedway, according to USA TODAY. He faces multiple charges, including one for a felony, after he allegedly¬†“kicked an officer in the knee while we took him into custody,” Dover police spokesperson¬†Mark Hoffman claims in a text sent to USA TODAY.

Infanti probably regrets what he did, but he momentarily had a killer view of the race, which was running under green flag when he put his climbing boots on.

Intoxicated at the time he was detained, Infanti now faces a felony charge for resisting arrest, as well as misdemeanors for disorderly conduct and offensive touching of a police officer, according to USA TODAY.

And although he allegedly became quite aggressive, Infanti initially appeared to cooperate with track security officials.

We’re going to assume this guy learned his lesson. But if he didn’t, a court-mandated viewing of violent NASCAR wrecks might do the trick.

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