Danica Patrick’s got big questions, and Oprah Winfrey’s got answers.

Well, sort of.

The NASCAR star apparently is a big fan of “SuperSoul Sunday,” a weekly, spiritually themed segment on the Oprah Winfrey Network. And in the latest episode, one of Winfrey’s guests attempted to answer the mother of all questions: who — or what — is God?

And for Patrick, who’s been known to get down with her spiritual self, the topic was essential.

Now, identifying omnipresent beings and forces isn’t the only thing Winfrey is helping Patrick with. Last week, the Stewart-Haas Racing driver posted a clip of a “SuperSoul Sunday” guest who attempted to answer perhaps the second most profound question of all time: why are we here?

The answer, of course, is to give off vibrations.

So, the Earth is the densest place in the universe?

While our precious planet is the densest object in our solar system — yes, even more so than the sun — saying it’s the densest in the universe feels like a stretch. And yes, the earth is made of matter, but that doesn’t make it unique since literally everything is comprised of matter.

With these types of posts, along with her affinity for sharing all-things yoga, Patrick’s Instagram essentially has become a go-to source for spiritual enlightenment.

Thumbnail photo via Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports Images