Eminem’s anti-Donald Trump “freestyle” is drawing rave reviews, including from Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce.

Eminem, one the most successful rappers of all time, lashed out against President Trump in “The Storm,” a cypher video played during the BET Hip Hop Awards on Tuesday. LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick were among the prominent sports figures praising the performance, and now you can add Pierce to the list.

Here’s what The Truth had to say about Marshall Mathers’ verses:

And here’s the video that everyone’s talking about:

(Warning: some of the language, as you’d expect, is NSFW)

A couple things here, politics aside:

First of all, Eminem has a beard now? Second of all, the term “freestyle” is thrown around far too liberally in hip-hop these days. Maybe Eminem genuinely came up with these rhymes on the spot, but skepticism is warranted.

As for Pierce, he recently signed on to be a full-time NBA analyst for ESPN. Of course, he’s not the only on-air personality at the World Wide Leader who openly shares their thoughts on POTUS.

Thumbnail photo via Russ Isabella/USA TODAY Sports Images