Turns out Kevin Bieksa is Radko Gudas’ kryptonite.

The Philadelphia Flyers defenseman on Tuesday decided to drop gloves with Bieksa in the first period of a home matchup with the Anaheim Ducks. That proved to be an unwise move, however, as Bieksa ended the fight with one punch.

And what a punch it was.

The Ducks defenseman caught Gudas square in the jaw with a “Superman punch,” and a replay shows he actually jumped in the air to deliver the knockout blow.

Gudas probably should have seen Bieksa’s maniacal smile and known something bad was about to happen. As Twitter found out, this wasn’t the first time Bieksa channeled his inner Clark Kent, either.

The Ducks went on to win 6-2 in a night Gudas and the Flyers probably want to forget.

H/t to For the Win