Joe Thuney is a problem solver.

The New England Patriots guard knows how to handle complex blocking schemes (well, kind of), protect against creative pass rushes (ehhh…) and, of course, navigate Tom Brady’s occasionally fiery temperament.

But none of that holds a candle to Thuney’s most impressive skill.

Sports Illustrated recently has been highlighting the off-beat talents of NFL players in its “Most Valuable Performer” series. Thuney joined the fray for Week 2 and used the opportunity to prove he can solve a Rubik’s Cube like a total pro.

We still don’t get it.

Thuney isn’t the only member of the Patriots to contribute to the series, as identical twins Cody and Jacob Hollister showed off their singing skills.

Pretty impressive.

However, considering Ed Sheeran is perhaps the blandest, most non-essential musical artist of the 21st century, we award the Hollister twins zero points. Advantage: Thuney.

Thumbnail photo via Scott R. Galvin/USA TODAY Sports Images